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I had the opportunity to work with Interlingual Interpreting Services several times in the past couple of months. As an Accountant, some of the terms and concepts that I have to share with my clients can be somewhat complex in general. In order to be able to serve more clients in the Hispanic Community, I needed the help of a professional Team of interpreters, to get the right message across and to be available on my clients’ schedule. Interlingual Interpreting Services definitely delivered in those areas, and helped our Company grow thanks to their expertise and proficiency!

Fabrice Metan

The team at Interlingual Interpreting Services is awesome, they were able to transcribe my English Language video into Spanish and they made it a very easy and simple process. The then provided the voice over talent for the video as well. After it was done one of the owners reached out to me and asked if he could offer a suggestion, i said sure and then he pointed out a couple of things he thought i could improve and they were great ideas. This is the sort of quality that you don't seem with a lot of other companies. I would highly recommend Interlingual Interpreting Services for anything involving interpreting services. They can translate in i think it is 11+ different languages and whether its a document, employee hand book, court documents , videos, voice overs, marketing materials. These folks can do it all.

Edward Fox

It’s been a pleasure working with Richard and his team. They are very professional at all times and they make our participants feel comfortable. This is a company that I would highly recommend.

Dean Kegley

I would recommend them because they are very professional, and they are kind and do their best to help with legal and medical issues they serve the immigration population with kindness and respect in several different areas and throughout several different sessions I would highly recommend their service!

Andrea Romero-caseworker Children First CEO of Kansas

I have had nothing but great experiences using Interlingual Interpreting Services, I have used them several times for a few different languages and the individual is always professional and knowledgeable. I would recommend anyone needing translating services to give them a call!!!!

Chris Helmick

Best experience. Thank you Interlingual Interpreting Services for helping my family during their medical visits, and friends with their immigration paperwork. Is hard to find reliable people who cares and I am glad we find your business!! Happy to continue using your services.

Ismael Maravilla

I love their services, very profesional and flexible! We are so glad we can count on them for our interpretation services to our participants!
They are truly the best!!!

Monica Castruita

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